Links of interest

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Birds and Bird-lore in the Literature of Anglo-Saxon England

Exquisite corpse

A Voyage to the Arctic in the Whaler Aurora

Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency, by Nikola Tesla

British library — Old English 

The Waning Sword: Conversion Imagery and Celestial Myth in ‘Beowulf

Lumiere NZ Arts Magazine.  Ceased publishing on March 2016 – remains online in an archival state

Poems Found in Translation

Antique maps 

Megaliths —ancient stone structures

Our migration story — AD43 — 1500

Rampant Scotland — Dal Riata 

Every Ogham Thing on the Web

A Translation of the Anglo-Saxon Poem Wulf and Eadwacer -Lady Teleri Barod [archived page from 2009]

Sacred Text Archive

Earlier Latin Manuscripts 

e-codices — virtual manuscript library of Switzerland 

Anglo Saxon Aloud

The History of Rome — Titus Livy

Ancient Origins

Orkneyjar – the Heritage of the Orkney Islands

Heritage Ardnamurchan

Scottish Poetry Library

InTranslation — poetry in translation

Polyphony — student-run journal — The University of Manchester

A Model of the Cosmos in the ancient Greek Antikythera Mechanism

Machinima Archive 

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